Message from Jim Coover President / CEO Isagenix International, LLC

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

If you’re like me, I’m sure you've spent the holiday season enjoying your family and friends and preparing to take your before photo for this year’s IsaBody Challenge. Fortunately for us and the millions of people looking to take control of their health and their weight, we have the answer – the finest Nutritional Cleansing and Fat Burning System on the planet.

We also have a wealth building system that can insulate us from the drama and uncertainties that so many people face because of the economic crisis, job insecurities and rising debt.

Thanks to you, Isagenix has just completed its most successful year in our history:

  • Revenues are up
  • Recruiting is up
  • Retention is up
  • Commission checks are up

We’ve also accomplished many important milestones:

  • We’ve made a meaningful and important entry into the anti aging market with the introduction of Ageless Essentials™, Ageless Actives and Ageless Renewal Serum™
  • We’ve solidified our leadership and awarded more than 5 million in added promotional dollars
  • We’ve appeared for the 4th consecutive year on the Inc. list fastest growing companies in America
  • And finally we opened Mexico as our newest market

2011 is poised to be a breakthrough year.

  • We expect to grow revenue to more than $300 million
  • We will launch breakthrough additions to our product and system offerings
  • We will introduce new tools and promotions to enable you to continue to grow your teams
  • We will expand our member base in all existing markets
  • We will prepare for new market openings

The bottom line is that together we are going to help more people enjoy greater life changing benefits than ever before.

We hope you share our pride in these amazing accomplishments and our optimism for 2011 and beyond.

We are intent on becoming the largest Health and Wellness Company in the world and helping each of you achieve your dreams and goals.

Let’s make 2011 the best year ever!

Kathy and I, as well as the entire Isagenix team, are grateful that you are our partners in success.


Jim Coover
President / CEO
Isagenix International, LLC