Multiple Autoships (& Coupons on Autoship!) Available August 31

Autoship is a huge key to retention and helping Associates achieve their best health. We want to make sure that Autoship remains the dominant way that new enrollees commit to better health so we’ve enhanced our Autoship offerings.

Starting August 31, you’ll notice three new features in your Back Office “My Autoship” section. The first feature of our new Autoship enhancement is the ability to set up multiple Autoships. For instance, your new enrollee might need the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System for the first six months and then would be ready to move on, for instance, to the Women’s Health Pak from month seven onward. With this new feature, you can set up these two or more Autoships at one time.

The second feature is a big one. We know you love using coupons and this new feature will allow you to use a coupon on your Autoship!

Finally, our third Autoship enhancement will allow you to try a new product in a single Autoship order by clicking our new “Try It Once” button. To learn more about this new multiple Autoships function in your Back Office, watch for an informative Webinar in your Back Office Library’s “Webinars” section on August 30.