New Year Kick Off Blitz Tour Begins February 5

The energy and excitement at 2011 New Year Kick Off was truly electrifying and the announcements shared were truly game changers! If you’re ready to skyrocket your business and make 2011  your year to remember, then mark your calendar and bring your team members, friends and family members to a New Year Kick Off Blitz Tour event in a city near you.

Get the personal training and keys to success you need to drive these promotions and learn more about our new products launched at this amazing event.

Take a look at the dates and locations below and encourage your friends, family and team members to join you.

Saturday, February 5
•    Miami, Florida – Kathy Coover
•    Albany, New York – Rick Despain
•    Seattle, Washington – David Wood & Mac Larsen
•    Chicago, Illinois – Chet Seely
•    Los Angeles, California – Travis Garza
•    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Erik Coover
•    Charlotte, North Carolina – Megan Hammond
•    Toronto, Ontario – Gerrit Johnson
•    Vancouver, British Columbia – Jacki Shoemake

Saturday, February 7
•    Atlanta, Georgia – Kathy Coover (Opportunity Meeting)

Saturday, February 12
•    San Diego, California – Travis Garza & Mac Larsen
•    Las Vegas, Nevada – David Wood
•    San Francisco, California – Rick Despain
•    Dallas, Texas – Jacki Shoemake
•    DC/Baltimore Metro Area – Megan Hammond
•    Kansas City, Missouri – Erik Coover
•    Edmonton, Alberta – Gerrit Johnson
•    Tarrytown, New York – Chet Seely

Saturday, February 26
•    Coeur d’Alene/Spokane – Kathy Coover

Take a look at the New Year Kick Off Blitz Tour flyer and share it.Plus, here’s a quick archive with flyers on all of the announcements shared at the event.