¡Bienvenido, Isagenix® Mexico!

New products, contest launched in Mexico

Isagenix products are now shipping in Mexico! Thousands of new Associates in Mexico will soon be enjoying not only our delicious IsaLean® Shakes (known as IsaShake Complex™ in Mexico), but they’ll also get to experience our full Nutritional Cleansing line including the 30-Day System and 9-Day System. Those who signed up and placed their orders for Autoships will now receive their product orders.

Plus, we’ve even launched the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® just for our members in Mexico. The “Reto IsaBody,” encourages Independent Associates to reach their ideal body weight and win cash and prizes, including a trip to 2011 Celebration in San Diego, Calif. as well as a grand prize trip to Cancun, Mexico. Visit RetoIsaBody.com for more details and to sign up.

Share this flyer with your Spanish-speaking Associates who have contacts in Mexico and help Isagenix accomplish its vision in Mexico!

To follow all of the news about Mexico, visit IsagenixMexico.com.