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John Anderson’s Answer to Stress

Does life have you stressed? Isagenix® Founder and Master Formulator John W. Anderson has discovered a new extraction technique that supercharges Ionix® Supreme with a higher concentration of bioactives, which helps to reduce the effects of stress on the body and support more graceful aging.

Available as a mixable powder, the new formula of Natural Fruit Flavor Ionix Supreme contains vitamins, minerals and plant-based Adaptogens like schizandra and ashwagandha that balance the body and improve health by counteracting the effects of stress. These natural botanicals come from all over the world and are nature’s answer to stress.

By incorporating just one ounce or one scoop of the fruit-flavored tonic into your daily routine, Ionix Supreme will help provide a boost to your physical performance and support your mental health.

For more information on the newly enhanced powder, visit Ionix Supreme.

Go Nutty for the New Honey Almond FiberSnacks!

Do you prefer salty snacks over sweet snacks? Nuts over chocolate? We know everyone has a favorite flavor and that’s why we created the new Honey Almond Crisp FiberSnacks!™. Honey Almond FiberSnacks! are the newest addition to the fiber-rich Isagenix healthy snack collection and the answer to your nutty cravings.

Boasting the same great benefits as the Peanut Chocolate Chew FiberSnacks! with 24 percent of your daily recommended amount of fiber, six grams of high-quality undenatured New Zealand whey protein and only 150 calories, this snack is not only delicious but filling, too.

Packed with both soluble and insoluble fiber to promote feeling fuller longer and healthy digestion, the Honey Almond Crisp FiberSnacks! is also gluten free to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Perfect for lunch boxes, purses and briefcases, this peanut-free, protein-rich snack is a huge hit for anyone that needs a tasty mid-day hunger fix.

Updates to Product Savings & Extra Convenience

We’re always looking for more ways to pass along extra savings to you while also making it even more convenient for you to enjoy healthy Isagenix products. You’ll soon notice the following updates in your Back Office “My Orders” section:

Want More Energy? (Energenix in Canada): Staying Ahead of the Convenience Curve
Thanks to our efforts to make our products even more convenient, you’ll enjoy even greater savings on Want More Energy? ® Sticks! Now Want More Energy? Sticks will come 24 to a box instead of 36 to align with the serving amounts of our canisters. The cost of each box will be reduced by $15 and 15 BV.

Please note that the Athlete’s Pak, Weight Maintenance Program and Sports Performance Pak will receive two boxes of the 24-count Sticks instead of one box of 36, increasing the price of the paks by $8 and 4 BV.

Come Celebrate 10 Years with Isagenix

Isagenix® Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover personally invite you to attend the 2012 “Your Future Starts Today” Celebration, the big, 10-year anniversary of Isagenix, August 9-12 where it all started: Phoenix, Arizona.

Join us at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel as we feature new product launches, new sales promotions and three keynote speakers, including best-selling author of “The New Wellness Revolution,” Paul Zane Pilzer, best-selling author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” and Isagenix Millionaire, John Gray, and author  of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” series co-creator Jack Canfield. In addition, find out who will win this year’s 2012 IsaBody Challenge® and the $25,000 grand prize!

To purchase your 2012 Celebration tickets, visit your Back Office “Events” section and select “Celebration.” Hurry, this event WILL sell out!

4 Ways to Enjoy the New Cleanse for Life

Looking for new ways to enjoy Cleanse for Life®? Get ready for a whole new perspective on Cleanse Days!

Our revolutionary new Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life features an improved extraction technique, additional ingredients and a rich, berry flavor. Cleanse Days have never been this tasty!

Plus, we know that schedules change and sometimes grabbing a big bottle from the fridge or finding water to mix up your Cleanse for Life isn’t convenient. Thankfully, you now have a multitude of options to support your lifestyle change so you can stick with it and create a healthy, new cleansing routine.

Here are four options for your next Cleanse Day:

5 New Products Now Available

What do chocolate, Adaptogens, fiber and Cleanse for Life® have in common? They’re all part of the five new products that just launched at 2012 “Unlock Your Future” New Year Kick Off!

Take a look at the details:

New IsaDelight Plus™ Milk Chocolate. Dark chocolate lover or prefer milk chocolate? Now you can choose your preference! Isagenix is proud to introduce the new IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate, featuring organic, creamy milk chocolate, B vitamins, amino acids and green tea extract. Same great benefits as our IsaDelight Plus Dark Chocolate, but with milk chocolate instead!

Learn more and add a box to your Autoship today.

Body of Proof: The 2012 IsaBody Challenge

The IsaBody Challenge® is underway—with more participants, more ways to win, and cash and prizes; this is your chance to make a change for good!

To make it even more exciting, Isagenix® added new features and enhanced some of the staples of the Challenge you’ve always known and loved:

Here’s what you can expect for this year’s IsaBody Challenge:

Prizes: The prizes have been pumped up and you have an even greater chance to win! Depending upon your winning rank, prizes include cash, a trip on the first-ever IsaBody Challenge Transformation Cruise, $500 product certificates, personal training from Isagenix executives, monthly drawings and more.

11 nutrition myths busted

Thanks to the internet, nutritional information is available at the click of a button. But how do you separate fact from fiction? We asked Registered Dietitian Leslie Beck, author of eight nutrition books, to give us the scoop on what myths actually deserve the hype.

Myth: Fat makes you fat
"It's true and false," Beck says. While fat itself doesn't create fat, "Fat, whether it's margarine, olive oil, or butter, is a concentrated source of calories. If you eat a lot of fat in your diet, you're going to consume a lot of calories, and yes, that can make you gain weight." 

Before you axe fat from your diet, note that all fats aren't bad. Unsaturated fats, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for optimum health, and omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Health Canada recommends adults get 20-30 per cent of their daily calories from healthy fats, so choose wisely – your waistline (and heart) will thank you.

Myth: Wine lowers blood pressure

Less Belly Fat and Healthier Telomeres by Reducing Stress and Eating Mindfully

If getting in shape and losing that belly are New Year’s resolutions—as they should be—then why not add reducing stress to the list? Unfortunately, eating sweet and fatty foods appears to be one of the preferred choices of Americans for managing chronic stress.

Aside from the mental strain caused by chronic stress, it results in higher concentrations of stress hormones such as cortisol and poor eating habits that are associated with increases in belly (visceral) fat. Belly fat is not just unsightly, but is also linked to oxidative stress, inflammation, shorter telomeres, and greater risk of chronic disease.