What Kind of Protein Is Best for Losing Weight?

Whey protein boosts more fat burning than either soy or casein, a new study reports.By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

When it comes to stimulating thermogenesis and satisfying appetite, it’s well known that dietary protein is king over carbohydrates and fats. Now, a new study confirms that and goes even further and shows what protein source you choose matters, too!

According to new research from the Nestle Research Center in Switzerland, whey protein consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner proved most successful than either casein or soy proteins for boosting fat burning and simultaneously reducing muscle loss.

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Warning: Three Things to Reconsider About Your Sunscreen

Canada SunscreenThe beach is just around the corner and while your mind may be focused on getting your body ready for fun in the sun, it’s actually more important for you to make sure you’re fully prepared for the sun’s wrath on your skin.

Maybe you take the easy approach and go for the most affordable sunscreen or the one that’s SPF 50.

Really, sunscreen is more than just a number. Understanding the various ingredients and their effects on your skin is essential to garnering the best protection possible, beyond just avoiding the discomfort of a sun burn.

Keep this in mind: According to the Mayo Clinic, prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays is one of the leading risk factors for skin cancer.

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Dark Chocolate May Boost Vision and Brain Power

Isagenix Canada - Eating dark chocolate can improve visual and brain function, a study suggests. By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

New research has given you more reason to reach into your box of dark chocolates—powering vision and brain performance as early as 2 and a half hours after eating them!

If the taste and the cardiovascular benefits weren’t temptation enough, a new study published in Physiology & Behavior shows consumption of antioxidants in dark chocolate, called cocoa flavanols (CF), improves visual and cognitive function in young adults.

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Live Your Dreams Contest Finalists Announced

Our Live Your Dreams Challenge garnered so many incredible stories! Associates are rediscovering their dreams, taking healthy risks and going after their dreams like never before.

We combed through all of the qualifying entries for our first round of the Challenge and are excited to announce the following Associates, who have made it into the top 10.

Here are the Live Your Dreams finalists in random order:

Leanne Gyger
Nick Harrison
Demarco Deciccio
Louise Longtin
Journey Henkart
Jama Fontaine
Heidi Bryans
Lorna Guild
Peggy Rynearson
Jill Sieverts