Energize Your Day With a Tasty Shake

Isagenix Canada IsaLean ShakeEnergize your day with a shake concoction that will give you a tasty treat and a healthy boost all at the same time!

Kind of like those orange creamsicles from childhood, the Orange Energizer Shake is creamy and full of the familiar and beloved citrus flavor captured by our Orange Want More Energy?® and combined with our Natural Creamy Vanilla IsaLean® Shake.

Plus, Want More Energy? always includes a healthy helping of B Vitamins to give your energy a natural edge along with other vitamins (including A and C), and minerals to do your body good.

Skip the caffeinated coffee at the beginning and end of your day and add some Want More Energy? to your shake or bottle of water instead! Learn more at Want-More-Energy.com.

How the Isagenix system works

Do you want to look and feel your best ever? Isagenix Canada® has helped hundreds of thousands of people gain energy, shed pounds and feel healthier with Nutritional Cleansing. You can be next!

Even better, it’s easy to do. Isagenix Canada has a convenient system with proven results to help you safely lose unwanted pounds and inches, boost your energy and feel healthier and stronger.

It’s not a diet so you won’t starve yourself or even have to worry about counting carbs or weighing your food. With Isagenix, you’ll fill your body with the nutrients it needs to keep up with your busy lifestyle. You’ll also help your body to get rid of the unhealthy impurities it’s exposed to every day from our environment. 

Here’s how the Isagenix system works:

You’ll enjoy two meal replacement shakes and one low-calorie meal most days. The shakes are filling, taste great and are packed with quality whey protein, vitamins and minerals. 

Talented? Show Your Stuff at Celebration

Every year at Celebration, we feature a wide variety of talented Isagenix Associates and we’re looking for more people who would like to perform on stage this year.

So, if you’re ready to show your stuff at 2011 “Igniting Your Future” Celebration August 14-16, 2011 in San Diego, Calif., send in your submissions right away!

Here are the details:

o    Submissions will be accepted through April 30, 2011
o    Must submit demo tape or video (e-mailed to Isagenix preferably), along with a bio, picture and contact information (cell phone and e-mail address) to Talent@IsagenixCorp.com

Final selections will occur in May and we will announce the selections in June. Please feel free to share this with any other talented team members!

New Enterprising Women Call Begins April 5

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working professional or simply looking for an adventure with an extra stream of income on the side, Isagenix® is for you and we have a new call to support you!

Starting Tuesday, April 5, join Regional Sales Manager Eastern Region Megan Hammond for a new, monthly conference call featuring the top female business builders in Isagenix.

Discover how some of the most successful business builders in Isagenix are enterprising women and how you can also create a fun, thriving business just like them.

This call is sure to be powerful and inspiring, so mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of every month and tune in! Visit your Back Office Library’s “Call Schedule & Archive” section for call information.


More Loyalty Rewards Coupons Issued

Over 1 million coupons have already been issued for the Loyalty Rewards Program – and you might have one waiting in your Back Office right now!

Starting April 2, a new, special coupon will be available for our Loyalty Rewards Program members who have joined Autoship and ordered 130 BV or more every month for three consecutive months. If you’ve been on top of things and consistently ordering accordingly, your actions are worth up to $375 in coupons this year!

So, how do you find out if you have a Loyalty Rewards Coupon waiting for you right now?

How to Avoid the 6 Most Common Arthritis and Joint Pain Myths

If you suffer from chronic pain, especially in your joints, you’ve probably spent hours on the Internet trying to find a solution to relieving your pain and getting back to doing the things you love to do. While you will find plenty of information out there, not necessarily all of it is true or even helpful.

Getting down to the bottom of joint pain and debunking some of the more common perceptions can help you take back control of your life. You don’t have to live with common aches, pains and joint and muscle soreness.

Myth #1: Rest is Best for Chronic Joint Pain

Be an IsaGeek For a Day

Going to East Coast Isagenix® University? Find out what it’s like to be an IsaGeek for a day!

Before IsaU kicks into full gear, join the Isagenix IT Team on Thursday, April 14 for a FREE morning (9 a.m. to noon) or afternoon (2 to 5 p.m.) training session to gain more information about the tech tools created by Isagenix to help you explode your business.

Isagenix is Transforming Joint Health

Joint healthThe Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System is transforming the joint health of countless pain sufferers across North America and their feedback is incredible!

Jim R. writes “I’ve had back pain for probably about 10 years and I have tried virtually everything. I’ve tried physical therapy, a tens machine, back raises, ointments, surgery, chiropractic. Surgery helped a little bit, but after about a year, it went back to the pre-surgery state.

True: Breakfast IS the Most Important Meal of the Day

You’ve heard the adage from your mom that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Well, it’s not just an adage anymore; turns out mama was right!

But are you eating the right food?

New research shows that eating protein at the right times, particularly at breakfast, is primary for maintaining lean body mass with age. Most people will experience a nearly 40 percent decrease in lean body mass and more than 100 percent increase in fat mass from age 25 to 70.