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Isagenix® Offers Comfort for Millions with Launch of Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System

CHANDLER, Ariz. (January 31, 2011) — With the Arthritis Foundation reporting that one in five adults suffer from chronic joint symptoms and the CDC indicating that that the most commonly identified limitations were difficulty climbing a flight of stairs and walking three city blocks, Isagenix, a world-leading nutraceutical company, recently unveiled its Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System. The two-product system features Ageless Joint Support™ tablets and Ageless Pain Relief™ cream as a complete approach to joint health.

Hempseed is Nature’s Power Food O-mega Nutrition with Hemp in Isagenix® IsaCrunch®

Isagenix Canada IsaCrunchCHANDLER, Ariz. (January 31, 2011) — As leading researchers and medical doctors consider hemp foods to be one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet, Isagenix, a world-leading nutraceutical company, is helping customers get a handle on better nutrition with hempseed found in its IsaCrunch.

Hempseed is nature’s power food. A recent report funded by the Canadian government states that hemp protein comprises 66 percent of high-quality protein with hempseed delivering the highest percentage of this of any plant source.

New Conference Call Line Launches February 21

Good news! Our conference calls are getting even better starting February 21.

To accommodate our growing population and provide improved service, we’ll be switching to a new phone number starting February 21 for all of our conference call programs. We know that this will improve our capacity and also provide an even higher quality of service to all of you who tune in to our weekly and monthly programs.

Visit your Back Office Library’s “Call Schedule & Archive” section for the latest details on our upcoming conference call programs, the call numbers and more. Watch for more details coming soon!

New Energizing Videos Available

We’re taking our videos to another level and they all help tell the Isagenix® story.

Our Enterprising Women video, available on, features stories from six moms who have experienced phenomenal business success with Isagenix while our new Own Your Future video, also available on our YouTube channel (, highlights the key things our 20-something Gen XY-ers are searching for these days.

New Year Kick Off Blitz Tour Begins February 5

The energy and excitement at 2011 New Year Kick Off was truly electrifying and the announcements shared were truly game changers! If you’re ready to skyrocket your business and make 2011  your year to remember, then mark your calendar and bring your team members, friends and family members to a New Year Kick Off Blitz Tour event in a city near you.

Get the personal training and keys to success you need to drive these promotions and learn more about our new products launched at this amazing event.

Take a look at the dates and locations below and encourage your friends, family and team members to join you.

Take a Quick New Year Kick Off Survey

New Year SurveyWe always want to make sure that you have a great time at our events!

To help us, if you attended our 2011 New Year Kick Off this past weekend, please visit your Back Office “My Profile” section and select the “Surveys” link in the dropdown menu to take a quick survey. The feedback you share with us will help us to make our future events even better.

Please note that this survey is only available for a limited time. Why not take a quick minute right now to fill it out?

Thanks again for attending New Year Kick Off and be sure to secure your tickets to 2011 “Igniting Your Future” Celebration right away before the event sells out! To learn more about 2011 Celebration, visit


New Live Your Dreams Challenge Launched


Isagenix Live Your Dreams

What’s on your “bucket list?” Our line of Rejuvity™ products is helping Associates experience improved confidence, more energy and renewed, youthful vitality and we want to recognize it—and reward it!

Our new Live Your Dreams Challenge does just that. We’re asking you to share your biggest aspiration, send a “before” photo of yourself by March 1, 2011, and then set your plan into motion for 60 days to achieve it. Whether it’s running a marathon, advancing to 5-Star Golden Circle or helping 50 others discover Isagenix®, no goal is too big or too small. All you have to do during those 60 days is purchase at least two, 200 BV “My Paks” (tailor-made to their desires and needs) and track your progress.

Congratulations, IsaDelight Plus™ Photo Contest Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations, IsaDelight Plus™ grand prize winners! Attendees at 2011 New Year Kick Off voted for their top three favorite IsaDelight Plus Photo Contest submissions and the winners of the year’s supply (12 boxes at 1 box per month) of IsaDelight Plus* are (Click on the links below to view the winning photos):

Just Announced: IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Upped to $120,000

No typo here—the 2011 IsaBody Challenge® grand prize is now $120,000!

Imagine that: $120,000 just for transforming your body and your life with Isagenix®. Are you ready to go for it; to seize the day and really give it your all? Now is your chance to make a change that goes beyond the Monday resolution and enjoy an out-of-this-world prize.

Take a look at this video and get inspired:

Now is the time, your time, so get your plan set and sign up for the 2011 IsaBody Challenge in your Back Office “My Team” section by selecting “IsaBody Challenge” in the dropdown menu.

This is your time to shine and win up to $120,000—what are you waiting for?

Discover more about the 2011 IsaBody Challenge at