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Resveratrol Boosts Levels of Fat-Control Hormone

If shoring up heart and cell health isn’t reason enough to try resveratrol, then perhaps help trimming down the midsection will add some extra motivation. A new study from University of Texas Health Center suggests that supplementing daily with the anti-aging compound found in grapes may increase production of a hormone produced by fat cells called adiponectin.

Adiponectin has a wide range of benefits and increased amounts of the hormone are associated with greater insulin sensitivity and reduced bodyweight. The study should interest anyone who is interested in losing weight or growing older, according to the study’s senior author Feng Liu, professor of pharmacology and member of the Barshop Institute of Longevity and Aging Studies at the Health Science Center.

Try a Refreshing New Salad Recipe

Isagenix Canada RecipeMix up your salad and add tasty flavor and extra protein with IsaCrunch®!

Our new Spinach and Strawberry IsaCrunch Salad is worth a try, whether you’re looking for a little variety for your work lunch, a delicious side dish for a gathering or as one of your Shake Day meals.

Take a look at the yummy recipe and try it out today!

Have a recipe you’d like to share? Send it to and we could feature it on and!

Special December Canadian Recognition

Isagenix Canada FlagA Special Message from Isagenix, Go Canada Go!

Congratulations again, Canadian Associates!

Clearly, you are fired up and we’re thrilled to recognize you for your efforts. December was an amazing month, so visit’s “Recognition” section to take a look at the dozens of Canadian Associates who rank advanced during the month of December, who was named a “top recruiter” for the month and more.

View the Canadian December recognition flyer now.


Nutritional Cleansing FAQ

Isagenix FAQDo you have a question about nutritional cleansing? Are you a new cleanser, but unsure how to use the products? Not to worry—we’ve put together some of the most common questions and answered them on this post. As you start a new year, we hope these FAQ will assist you and your Isagenix team.  

Q. Why do I need  nutritional cleansing?

 A. Toxins and stress in our modern environment subject our bodies to continual risk of poor health. Once you begin cleansing you’ll notice you’ll feel cleaner (like the feeling you get after a shower), and more energized. You’ll be healthier, too. Next time you look in the mirror you may also notice you are a few pounds leaner.

 Q. How does nutritional cleansing work?

2011 New Year Kick Off SOLD OUT

Tickets are officially gone for 2011 New Year Kick Off January 28-30, 2011 in Phoenix, Ariz.!

If you’ve visited your Back Office and cannot purchase the tickets, this is the reason.

As we’ve shared, Isagenix® events will sell out, so always grab your tickets in advance while you can.

Tickets for 2011 Celebration in San Diego, Calif. August 14-16, 2011 are still available; visit your Back Office “Events” section to reserve your spot today!

For more details on 2011 Celebration, visit

Isagenix unlocks the miracle of the human body

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Isagenix and its Associates Support Childhelp

Isagenix ChildfindImpacting lives. One child at a time.

At Isagenix®, we realize that creating a healthier future starts with our younger generation. That’s why in addition to helping people be the healthiest and wealthiest on the planet, we are also building stronger communities through our philanthropic partnership with Childhelp®.

Isagenix has been supporting Childhelp since 2004, and is the sole sponsor of the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-4-A-Child. Isagenix sponsored Childhelp’s 50th Anniversary Tour and raised more than $1 million dollars in 2009. Over the years, Isagenix and its Associates, customers and employees have raised more than $2 million to ensure Childhelp’s educated and professional staff is ready to answer calls from hurting children and adults in crisis. This 24-hour hotline has received more than 2 million calls since its inception in 1982.

Cleansing and Fat Burning President Pak

Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning President PakGet a jumpstart on achieving your best success ever with this great value. This Pak includes a broad assortment of our top-selling products and marketing tools. You’ll even receive three products from our remarkable new IsaDermix® skincare line and have plenty of products and information for yourself and to share with others.

Purchase limit of one within the first 60 days of enrollment. The 30 Day System in this Pak is only offered with Tropical Berry Cleanse, 2 Rich Chocolate and 2 French Vanilla Shakes.