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Looking For Isagenix® Coupons?

Isagenix coupon savingsLooking for Isagenix coupons?

We’ve already issued hundreds of thousands of coupons to help you save on Isagenix products and also try new products. And, just so you’re aware, there are two types of coupons: Unique Coupons and All-Associate Coupons.

Unique Coupons are coupon codes that are account-specific and generated for specific individuals. The coupons can only be redeemed by the person who received the coupon code in their Back Office “My Orders” section’s “My Coupons” tab and are often issued based on a set criteria such as monthly BV averages, whether the person has ever ordered a product and more.

Toxin Watch: Chemicals in Store Register Receipts and Fast Food Wrappers

By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

Before the next time you ask a cashier for a receipt, think twice! It might be tainted with bisphenol A, aka BPA.

A recent study in Environmental Health Perspectives showed that cashiers had highest BPA exposure because of its use in thermal paper for register receipts in a monomer form that is readily absorbed through skin.

BPA is also used as a polymer complex in hard, clear polycarbonate plastic water bottles and as epoxy resins lining aluminum cans.

The study raises concerns about widespread exposure to BPA from a variety of sources, especially for women who are pregnant.

Although the actual BPA amounts in receipts is so little it may not pose enough risk to worry about, it does raise concerns for people—those behind a register, for example—who are in contact with the thermal paper regularly.

The news comes no later than a month after Health Canada officially declared BPA a toxic substance that mimics estrogen, potentially increasing risks of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

The Young & the Restless Star Uses Isagenix®

Star Uses IsagenixThe Young & the Restless Star Eileen Davidson recently shared that she uses Isagenix® to keep her “weight in a certain place.”

The daytime TV star shared with CBS’s Watch! magazine that “for protein, sometimes I’ll have a shake made with fresh fruit and Isagenix powder. lt’s a meal-replacement drink you have in the morning or at night. It helps me keep my weight at a certain place.”

Read the article.


Holiday Health at its Finest

Get ready for holiday health at its finest!

For a limited time, save 20% on some of our most beloved winter wellness products while softening your skin! Included with our special holiday package of Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream™, C-Lyte and Isamune® Plus is a free organza gift bag that you can reuse for the holidays.

October Canada Recognition

Our Associates in Canada are burning up the charts and producing phenomenal results!

Whether you want to see which provinces are generating the hottest sales, our top 50 income earners, or all of those who advanced in rank during the month of October, we have it all compiled into one easy flyer.

One more thing? We’ll be producing this special recognition flyer every month! Just visit the “Canada News” tab on to check it out.

Take a look at recognition for our dynamic Canadian leaders.

We’ve Got Your Info: On the Go

Your time is limited—we get that.

That’s why we’ve created special one-minute “Info On the Go” videos designed to be quick hits on some of our top products. You’ll get the information you need and best yet, you’ll get it sent straight to your mobile device!

We’ve just produced our first “Info On the Go” video featuring our Ageless Renewal Serum and you can take a look at it now. (Check it out below—it’s pretty sweet.)

Chocolate of the Season Holiday Deal Sold Out in Canada

Our limited supply of the Chocolate of the Season holiday deal is now officially gone in both the U.S. and Canada. The good news? We still have several other fantastic holiday gifts that you can share with your friends and family!

Check out our other holiday deals.

As with all of our promotions and “hot deals,” supplies are limited, so be sure to order them while you can.

Here are the rest of the ways you can save on Isagenix this month.


Mexico Grand Opening Launch Huge Success

Erik, Jim and Kathy Coover and Alex Hoffmann with BMW prize

We just wrapped up our best international launch ever and our new adventure into spreading health and wellness to the people of Mexico has only just begun.

Our Mexico Grand Opening was a huge success with nearly 500 people in attendance and nearly 400 attending our first success training seminar. Leaders from both the U.S. and Mexico are fired up and already seeing incredible results as they build teams in this exciting market.

Vice President of Hispanic Field Development Alex Hoffmann says that Isagenix® provides the perfect nutrition and opportunity for the Mexican people.