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We’ve Got Your Recipe For Dinner

Shake Day or not, we have the tasty, low-calorie recipes to satisfy your taste buds and give you the nutrition your body needs.

Have you tried IsaCrunch® lately? This wholesome protein product includes healthy omega-3, omega-6 and GLA essential fatty acids, nine essential amino acids and more from natural, THC-free shelled hemp seeds. Hemp seed is recognized by many as one of the most nutritionally-complete foods in the world and IsaCrunch not only includes this wholesome seed, but it also includes our special ionic trace minerals. IsaCrunch can be added to salads, tossed into soups or even encrusted with salmon (recipe below) to provide extra protein, texture and a nutty-flavor.

Check out this recipe to see how you can add IsaCrunch to your meal today!

Baked Encrusted Salmon

Healthy Convenience Just in Time For the Holidays

Healthy convenience is at your fingertips—and just in time for the holidays! Forget the drive thru or the corner market; you have handy, healthy options that can be tossed in your purse, bag or car.

Here are just a few ways you can keep it healthy and convenient to fit your busy holiday schedule:

1.    Stock Up & Stash Your IsaLean® Bars. There’s nothing worse than hearing the roar of your stomach when you’re in the middle of running errands. Stash an IsaLean Bar in your glove compartment, purse or gym bag so you always have something healthy to reach for. Don’t forget to try the crispy, delicious new flavors of IsaLean Bars, Lemon Passion Crunch and Chocolate Decadence.

Your Breakfast or Dinner For Less Than $3

Breakfast or dinner for less than $2.75? This is better than the dollar menu—IsaLean® Shakes are tasty, filling and convenient meals packed with the highest quality of New Zealand whey protein, vitamins and minerals you need to fuel your day.

Just one canister of IsaLean Shakes provides 14 meals and, for a limited time while supplies last, you can enjoy a 10 percent savings on top of your already low-cost, high-quality meal!

Grab our holiday special that includes an IsaBlender™ and a canister of your favorite flavor of IsaLean® Shake and you’ll be prepared for healthy, affordable meals through the holidays so you can maintain, not gain.

Isagenix Australia - News & Updates


IsaBody Challenge 2010 Winner Announced!IsaBody Challenge 2010 Winner Announced!

Big Congratulations to Kate Stanley our IsaBody Challenge Winner for 2010! She used the competition to not only transform her body but also her life. The competition brought out her competitive side, helped her to release 15kg and realise her dream of becoming a gym instructor.

IsaBody Challenge Runner UpIsaBody Challenge Runner Up

Buying Isagenix in Canada

Where to Buy Isagenix in Canada

It’s easy to get started—just decide if you want to purchase Isagenix product and programs at retail prices or at wholesale prices with an annual membership account (as little as $19). Just select the 'Buy Now' or 'Sign Up' buttons on the left of this page. Or, if you need assistance with your order or signing up contact our Toll Free number 1-888-297-4654 and we'll help you! you can also email for assistance via email.

We are a Canadian based Isagenix Distributor with customers and associates around the world. We distribute Isagenix directly to the following Canadian locations:

NEW Harvest Apple Pie Shake Recipe

Looking for another taste of fall? Imagine a freshly-picked apple mixed up in your morning IsaLean® Shake. We have a delicious new reader-submitted recipe called “Harvest Apple Pie Shake” that takes simple ingredients like an organic apple, our Natural Creamy Vanilla IsaLean Shake and cinnamon to create a tasty treat to satisfy your taste buds.

Here’s the recipe, also found on under the “Product” section’s “Recipes” tab.

Join Jim and Kathy Coover in Toronto

Fall Tour Event in Toronto November 20.

Join Isagenix Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover for our final 2010 Fall Tour event!

Jim and Kathy are heading to Toronto, Ontario on Saturday, November 20, 2010 for an exciting event that will focus on our newest Rejuvity™ products and the exciting opportunities available for each of your businesses (don’t forget our new Accelerated Double Rank Advancement Bonus promotion!).

If you’re in the area, try to make it out for the Ontario event. Visit your Back Office “Events” section and “Associates Events” to take a look at some of the other Fall Tour events that are wrapping up this month.

Event Details

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toronto Congress Centre South
Leonard Cohen Ballroom
650 Dixon Road
Toronto On M9W 1J1
Phone: 416-245-5000


Isagenix® Goes Mobile

Isagenix just launched a BETA version of our new mobile program and would like you to test it out and let us know what you think. If you have a “smartphone” (like an iPhone, Android, Blackberry Torch, etc.), you can now experience the new Isagenix® mobile Website for your Back Office!

Resveratrol May Improve Belly Fat’s Metabolic Behavior

By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

Fat can not only be unsightly, but if it’s sitting on your belly, may also contribute to overproduction of signaling hormones called adipokines, which are linked to metabolic changes that can worsen health.  

New research from Aarhus University has found that abdominal adipose tissue extracted from overweight adults, and then exposed to resveratrol, exhibited reduced adipokine production. According to these authors, “small interfering molecules such as resveratrol are, in this matter, hypothesized to possess beneficial effects and might improve the metabolic profile in human obesity.”   

The scientists obtained the abdominal adipose tissue via liposuction from seven women and one man, ages 43-55, who had body mass indexes categorized as overweight. All subjects were Caucasian, healthy and not on any medication that could confound the results.