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Only 10 Spots Left For Beyond Courage

Time and again our Associates have shared incredible stories with us about how life-changing their experience was at Senior Vice President and Chief Training Officer David Wood’s Beyond Courage event at the beautiful El Capítan Canyon Nature Lodging.

This is the place to push your limits, challenge your internal speak and discover what could be holding you back from ultimate success. Many people have experienced break-throughs with their teams at this event and are now enjoying massive success in their businesses because of it.

Our next Beyond Courage is November 17-21, 2011 in beautiful Santa Barbara, Calif. and there are only 10 spots left. Visit your Back Office “Events” section to reserve yours or contact

Remember, Beyond Courage will only be offered every other year moving forward, so grab this opportunity while you can!

This Just In! Astonishing “Before” and “After” Photos for Ageless Renewal Serum

The incredible results of Ageless Renewal Serum keep pouring in! We recently received more amazing photos showing diminished lines, wrinkles, and more in people all across North America. The results are stunning! Take a look at these just-posted “before” and “after” photos.

In just 21 days, visible improvements in the overall appearance and feel of skin, as well as noticeable reduction of wrinkles and fine lines were documented among users of Ageless Renewal Serum—a key component of our new Rejuvity™ line.  A recently-conducted study produced astonishing statistics when 100 participants cleansed their face with IsaDermix® Gentle Cleansing Gel and then applied Ageless Renewal Serum. In just three weeks, product users had these remarkable results:

How Will You Stop Diabetes?

By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

The future of diabetes is in your hands – this is the message that the American Diabetes Association will be sharing next month amidst news that the number of diabetes cases could double, even triple, by 2050. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an analysis in the journal Population Health Metrics today with estimates that have painted a grim picture of what current health trends are and what can be expected as long as they continue:

Isagenix® Now on iTunes

With the addition of several new conference call programs, we decided to also take our calls to the next level and provide them as podcasts on iTunes. To take advantage of these three free call programs, simply go to the iTunes Store in your iTunes application, search for “Isagenix,” and then subscribe and download the calls to your iTunes Media Library. From there, sync them with your iPod, iPodTouch or iPad and you’re ready to go.

5 Ways to Give Yourself Optimal Sun Protection This Fall & Winter

It’s easy to brush off lathering on sunscreen during the cool fall and winter months when the sun isn’t so blistering, but did you know that your face is the only part of your body that is exposed year round? That means it’s the one area you should always care for, no matter what the temperature.

So what can you do? Here are five ways to give yourself optimal sun protection this fall and winter:

1)    First thing in the morning, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and neck with all-natural minerals that guards against harmful UVA “aging” and UVB “burning” rays. This will give you the protection you need for the day. Try the new Isa SunGuard™, which is SPF 30, PABA-, fragrance-, and phthalate-free, and contains natural botanicals and vitamins.

Add Products to Your 30-Day System; Save Cash

healthy weight lossReady to save money just by adding a few products to your 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System?

Whether you want to try a new product or simply add a favorite, look for discounted, recommended products under your 30-Day System when you go to place your order in your Back Office “My Orders” section. You’ll save between $1 to $4 per product!

You can also enjoy discounted products with your purchase of our Replenishing Paks, including the Athlete’s Pak, Women’s Health Pak and more.

Reshape Your Whole Self With 2011 IsaBody Challenge®

Are you ready to reshape your whole self and your life? Skip the diets, the fad weight-loss ploys and all of the other short-term “solutions,” and discover youthful vitality and energy and a solid, healthy lifestyle.

The 2011 IsaBody Challenge® is now underway and it’s your chance to transform your life and have a shot at up to $10,000 in cash along with a trip to San Diego, Calif.! You decide when you want to commit to your 24-week challenge period and get started.

Large Study Links Multivitamins to Women’s Heart Health

By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

Women who take multivitamins may be doing good for their hearts in the long run, a large study from Sweden suggests.

The study’s findings, published in the September issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, indicated that taking multivitamins was associated with a cardioprotective (heart protective) benefit among women without cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, the link to cardiovascular health was stronger among women who used multivitamins for five years or longer.

But the study only found a weak association of cardiovascular health and multivitamin use among women with cardiovascular disease.

This observational study does not reflect cause and effect, but simply tracked a correlation in this population. The results do not resolve whether or not multivitamins are indeed heart protective.

The study followed a population-based sample group of 31,671 women with no history of cardiovascular disease and 2,262 women with a history of cardiovascular disease for just over 10 years.

Summer Shipping Program Comes to a Close

Now that the weather has cooled down in the Southwest, our summer shipping program has officially come to a close!

That also means you can purchase items such as twin packs of our 4- and 5-Piece Sample Packs (while supplies last), a box or two of Lemon Passion Crunch or Chocolate Decadence IsaLean® Bars or a few boxes of the newIsaDelight Plus™ without the extra cost to cover the special summer packaging.

But, please be aware that you might still receive a few of your product orders in the summer shipping boxes. We’re simply trying to run out of our supplies, but will not be charging you anything for the packaging.

Additionally, we’ve just lowered the price on our original IsaDelight® so that means even bigger savings and easier Cleanse Days! Add a few boxes to your next order to satisfy your chocolate cravings, and also try the new IsaDelight Plus, infused with green tea extract to protect your body from free radicals and also provide you with even more fat burning potential.