Isagenix® Launches into Mexico August 2

Isagenix® officially launches into Mexico on August 2 – don’t miss out on a special conference call that day to learn more about this exciting launch!

Join Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Chet Seely and Vice President of Hispanic Field Development Alex Hoffmann share all of the news about the Isagenix products, promotions and incentives that will be available in Mexico beginning August 2. Take a look at this special announcement from Jim and Kathy Coover.

This call on Tuesday, August 2 will be available in English at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and Spanish at 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. Visit your Back Office Library’s Call Schedule & Archive section for the call details including phone number and pass code.

Vote For Your IsaBody Challenge® Favorite on Facebook

We’re currently reviewing all of the completed entries from our 2010 IsaBody Challenge® participants and will soon have the finalists narrowed down to our top 3 per category.

Even better? In a few weeks, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite!

We’ll soon be launching a special IsaBody “App” on our Facebook fan page where fans of Isagenix can vote on their favorite IsaBody finalist until early August. Based on the results, the “fan favorite” will receive recognition on stage at Celebration.

Become a fan of Isagenix on Facebook by visiting and hit the “like” button if you’re not already our fan. Watch for this special App coming soon!

New IsaLean® Bar Boxes Debut

Our new IsaLean® Bar boxes just made their debut and we know you’re going to love them!

As part of our growing initiative to go “green” with our shipping process, we’ve redesigned our IsaLean® Bar boxes into a smaller, deeper configuration that will not only feature less waste during the creation process, but will also fit better in our shipping containers. These new boxes just started shipping in orders in the U.S. and still feature the same number of bars as before.

When Your Self-Worth is Wrapped Around Your Weight (and 7 Ways to Unwrap It)

By Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

Does how you look make you feel unworthy of love, satisfying relationships, a good job or true happiness?

Most of us can list at least five things that would change for the “better” if we were trim and toned. For instance:

1. I’d be happier
2. I’d be prettier
3. I’d be popular
4. I’d be more confident
5. I’d finally like myself

For most of my life, I wanted to look different, and that different included being thin. Even when I got there my sophomore year of college, I was so afraid of losing my almost stick-thin status that I restricted and then overate and tried to exercise not for health’s sake but because I wanted to shed more pounds. I’d wake up to a pitch-black morning, drag myself out of my warm bed, and run from my apartment to the one-room gym a few minutes away. I was miserable. And, not surprisingly, that lasted all of one week.

Get the Latest Info From 2010 Celebration

Whether you’re attending 2010 “Believe & Achieve” Celebration or not, you’ve got two fantastic ways to stay in-the-know about what’s being announced at this exciting event!

Now Available – Updated Isagenix Allergen & Lifestyle Preferences Table

Customers can easily avoid common food allergens such as wheat and tree nuts with the Isagenix Allergen and Lifestyle Preferences Table.

At Isagenix we understand that people who are living with food allergies require accurate food labeling information for making informed choices up front about what Isagenix products they are able to enjoy. For this reason, the company has made a quick-reference table available as a resource to Isagenix customers for more than five years.

Now the company has expanded the table to include recently launched products as well as additional information about more common food allergens in existing Isagenix products.

Heat Up Your Savings This July

Ready to heat up your savings this July? We’ve just rolled out several new hot deals that will mean even bigger savings for you this summer so you can believe and achieve!

Give your skin an anti-aging boost, high-quality protein for strong muscles and the right formula to give your body the best immune defense possible—and save!

2010 Celebration News You Can Use

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Our 2010 “Believe & Achieve” Celebration is right around the corner! So what should you know and what should you be planning for? Take a look at the latest news you can use and join us for this exciting event August 22-24 in San Diego, Calif.! Bookmark and visit often.

Isagenix Reaches 200th Member to Lose 100+ Pounds

CHANDLER, Ariz. (June 17, 2010) — Isagenix®, the World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing™, announced today that the health and wellness company now has its 200th registered and verified person to lose 100 pounds or more with its unique Nutritional Cleansing systems that also replenish your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Founded in 2002, Isagenix prides itself in delivering long-term weight-loss results. More than 5.4 million pounds and 6.5 million inches have been lost by individuals using Isagenix products in the past seven years. Isagenix has helped more than 10 people lose 200 pounds, one person lose 300 pounds and hundreds of thousands of others lose weight and improve their health and wellness.*

Isagenix offers targeted and complete systems that also make it convenient for people to maintain their weight loss long-term.