Now Available – Updated Isagenix Allergen & Lifestyle Preferences Table

Customers can easily avoid common food allergens such as wheat and tree nuts with the Isagenix Allergen and Lifestyle Preferences Table.

At Isagenix we understand that people who are living with food allergies require accurate food labeling information for making informed choices up front about what Isagenix products they are able to enjoy. For this reason, the company has made a quick-reference table available as a resource to Isagenix customers for more than five years.

Now the company has expanded the table to include recently launched products as well as additional information about more common food allergens in existing Isagenix products.

The newly expanded document—which previously provided information only on the Food and Drug Administration’s recognized eight most common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk, shellfish, fish, wheat (gluten) and soy*—now includes information on mollusks, honey, royal jelly, rice, celery, and other vegetables.

The Isagenix Allergen and Lifestyle Preferences Table also acts as an easy quick-reference for those who have vegetarian or lacto-vegetarian lifestyle preferences.

To view the complete table, please click on the following link: Isagenix Allergen & Lifestyle Preferences Table.

*Special note about soy-derived ingredients: Isagenix products that list soy as an allergen contain ingredients derived from soy such as highly purified vitamin E or lecithin. Isagenix does not include soy protein or soy isoflavones as ingredients in IsaLean Shake or in other Isagenix products.