Pump Up Your Protein in the New Year

Starting your New Year’s resolution early? Don’t forget your protein!

It’s natural to want to get your gym routine back on track and start pumping iron more than you have in recent months, but what will you be feeding your body? Protein is key not only for recovery, but also for helping your muscles flourish in your new routine.

Thankfully, Isagenix has the answer to your protein quest. Simply super-charge your daily shake by adding 1 1/2 scoops of your favorite flavor of IsaLean Shake® and 1 scoop of Vanilla IsaPro® to infuse your muscles with 35.5 grams of pure, undenatured New Zealand whey protein in one shot. Have your shake in the morning and after your workout for maximum benefits!

Want to learn more? Listen to a special call from world-renowned athletic trainer and Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Michael Colgan on the unmatched benefits of IsaPro.

Take a look at a quick video about IsaPro and consider how you can work it into your workout routine in the New Year!