Your Recipe For a Sweet N Speedy Recovery

Isagenix workoutYou worked your muscles hard and you know it’s time to refuel with electrolytes and protein, but what do you reach for?

Skip the syrupy, artificial sports drink or the can packed with empty calories and stimulants! We’ve got your healthy Isagenix® recipe that will give you the necessary vitamins and electrolytes to enhance hydration while replacing the nutrients you lost during stress and exercise. Plus, it’s packed with 18 grams of protein to help supercharge your lean muscle mass.

Check out our recipe for the IsaPro® Sweet ‘N Speedy Recovery Booster and see how the new IsaPro Vanilla and Want More Energy?® Tropical Fruit & Hisbiscus can work for your post-workout routine!

Here’s the recipe.

IsaPro® Sweet ‘N Speedy Recovery Booster

  • 12 ounces room temperature water
  • 1 scoop IsaPro® Vanilla
  • 2 scoops or ½ of 1 Stick of Want More Energy?® Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus
  • Desired amount of ice (optional)
  1. Fill your IsaShaker™ bottle with 12 ounces of room temperature, purified water
  2. Add 1 scoop of IsaPro Vanilla and 2 scoops or ½ Stick of Want More Energy? Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus
  3. Shake it up (burn a few extra calories while you’re at it!)
  4. Add your desired amount of ice and enjoy!