Save Big on Product B

Limited-time offer slashes price by $28!

Boost your telomere health and save big on “B” for a limited time!

Our revolutionary youthful aging Product B™ has generated so much attention and excitement that we want to make sure that everyone is trying this cutting-edge product.

Only until July 15, take advantage of a special deal of just $49 and 32 BV per 120-count bottle of Product B (limit 5)—that’s a $28 savings per bottle!

Here’s how you and your team members can get the deal:

Existing Isagenix Associate
Place an Autoship* or wholesale order of 130 BV or more
Add up to five, single bottles of Product B to your order

New Member
Help someone new join Isagenix with a wholesale or Autoship* order of 164 BV or more
Add the number of single bottles of Product B to their order

To get the deal now, simply log in to your Back Office and go to your “My Orders” section. Select “Rejuvity®” in the left column and choose the appropriate bottle count.

Please note that this discount does not apply to Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack with Product B.

Here’s the flyer with more details.

*Please note that Autoship orders must ship prior to July 15 to enjoy the reduced price. Orders shipped on or after July 16 will not be eligible and will convert to normal pricing.