Summer Shipping Program Comes to a Close

Now that the weather has cooled down in the Southwest, our summer shipping program has officially come to a close!

That also means you can purchase items such as twin packs of our 4- and 5-Piece Sample Packs (while supplies last), a box or two of Lemon Passion Crunch or Chocolate Decadence IsaLean® Bars or a few boxes of the newIsaDelight Plus™ without the extra cost to cover the special summer packaging.

But, please be aware that you might still receive a few of your product orders in the summer shipping boxes. We’re simply trying to run out of our supplies, but will not be charging you anything for the packaging.

Additionally, we’ve just lowered the price on our original IsaDelight® so that means even bigger savings and easier Cleanse Days! Add a few boxes to your next order to satisfy your chocolate cravings, and also try the new IsaDelight Plus, infused with green tea extract to protect your body from free radicals and also provide you with even more fat burning potential.

Learn more about IsaDelight Plus at