e+: Natural Energy, Powerful Results

E-Plus_6ct-300x260Introducing e+: the naturally-caffeinated energy shot that gets–and keeps–you going!

Let’s face it; in our fast-paced, not-enough-hours-in-the-day world, it’s easy to run down personal energy reserves. e+ is a flavorful energy-boost for everyone, formulated to help you feel refreshed and energized. And, e+ fires up your performance without the artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors found in many other energy drinks.

Pocket-sized e+ shots are convenient, great tasting, and perfect for that quick boost of energy when you need it most. The convenient 2-ounce bottle of e+ provides extra protection against fatigue, whether it’s before a workout or to help you meet a work deadline, thanks to the adaptogenic botanicals in each bottle.

4 Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Now that you’ve made a commitment to eat better, exercise more and of course, make more money, it’s time to figure out how to stick with it!

As a solutions-based company, we have four targeted ways to help you achieve that New Year’s resolution.

The best part? Each solution offers a bevy of ways to reach your desired result.

Weight Loss: Step back into your skinny jeans with our cornerstone 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Boasting real, long-lasting results, this nutritious meal replacement system makes is easy to drop pounds and inches plus:

Top Tips For Best 2013 Cleanse Days Results

Start the New Year off with a few simple steps to get you clean and lean in 2013!

Life is toxic. Every day, you’re exposed to hundreds of lethal environmental toxins–from the food and water you eat and drink, to the items you touch–even the very air you breathe. That’s why regularly cleansing your body of these harmful impurities is so critical to your health and longevity. Cleanse for Life® supplies your body with the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally.

So, if you want to start your New Year off on the right foot, schedule your Cleanse Day now. Here are our top tips for creating your best Cleanse Day results:

Flashback: 5 Tips For Overcoming the Holiday Weight Gain

Some advice is just worth repeating, like this Holiday Health Survival Guide article from IsaFYI.com, circa November 2010.

Here are our top five tips for powering through the holidays with your health (and waistline!) intact:

A Convenient New Way to Super-Charge a Stress-Free Day

Deliver a knockout blow to stress. New Ionix® Supreme in handy packets is a powerful and tasty elixir that provides a high concentration of adaptogenic botanicals and nutrients that help you manage stress and heightened levels of toxicity.

Stress is public enemy No.1!

Stress is a normal part of life, yet it’s also a leading contributor to a lot of ailments. Few of us realize how deeply stress affects our physiology and how it can negatively impact our health.

Eat This Isagenix Treat, Not That Tempting Treat

With the holidays fast approaching and festive get-togethers on the horizon, temptation will be at an all-time high. To help keep you on track and not sabotage your efforts to whittle your waistline, we’ve created a few fun alternatives to help you substitute “this treat” for “that treat” while still having a jolly ol’ time!

The best part? These treats are perfect for sharing and make great stocking stuffers.

Eat This: IsaDelight Plus™ Milk or Dark Chocolate                                 

Not That: Candied-coated sweets    

Give Yourself Everything You’ll Need, Every Day.

Ready to take full command of your health, your nutrition and your future? Then it’s the Every Day Essentials Pak to the rescue!

Adding the Every Day Essentials Pak to your Autoship for your life-long journey to better health is not just a step–but a giant leap–in the right direction!

The Features

Comprised of two critically important, high-nutrition components, you’ll kick-start every day with IsaLean® Shake and Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™. Combined, these products provide a comprehensive nutritional foundation to combat everyday exposure to toxins, obesity, stress and poor nutrition.

Tis’ the Season For Sharing the Power of Nutritional Cleansing

The holidays are fast approaching and so are some incredible new holiday deals! Save on some of our most popular products with the 2012 Isagenix Seasonal catalog and spread some goodwill, good nutrition and holiday cheer!

This year’s seasonal catalog is brimming with a full selection of products and great savings on a spectacular array of Isagenix bundles and offers to get even the biggest scrooge into the holiday spirit.

Shake Up Their Holiday Routine

16 oz IsaShaker Bottle + 2 IsaLean® Shake Packets

Bring good tidings of convenience and tasty nutrition, with two of our tasty and nutritious IsaLean® Shake packets paired with a 16-ounce IsaShaker™ bottle. A perfect complement to the traditional holiday feast. This unique pack is the perfect way to ring in the New Year on the road to the new you.

Blend Holiday Cheer With Nutritional Goodness

The New Face of Healthy Snacking

If you think it’s time for healthy snacking to get a facelift, then you’re ready for the high fiber, 90-calorie goodness of our antioxidant-rich SlimCakes®. 

Isagenix SlimCakes is the heart-healthy*, peace-of-mind snack that tastes just like a cookie—without all the guilt. Sweetened with natural agave, SlimCakes is low-glycemic, contain zero cholesterol, no artificial flavors or colors and is a preservative-free super-snack that’s only 90 calories.

Other yummy benefits include: