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The World’s Best Shake Just Got Better

Now available in Creamy French Vanilla and Creamy Dutch Chocolate, your favorite IsaLean® Shake now features our new Myo-IsaLean Complex™. This propriety protein blend has 50 percent more whey protein, 100 percent more fiber, fewer carbohydrates and less sugar as compared to the current IsaLean Shake. It’s also completely soy free!

It’s the protein that makes IsaLean Shakes so different. This complete nutritious meal replacement shake uses only the highest-quality, undenatured protein sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics. What you get is an all-natural, great-tasting, 240-calorie shake that’s healthier and perfect for achieving your weight loss, healthy aging, and energy and performance goals.

Product B Now Contains More Action

In 2011, Isagenix® Founder, Master Formulator and Product B Formula Developer John W. Anderson released an all-natural product to target the underlying cause of aging. Since its initial unveiling, thousands of people have begun to show the benefits of this amazing product.

Over the last several months, John has been working tirelessly to increase the efficacy of his groundbreaking telomere-supporting formula. Containing increased actions, a greater bioavailability of ingredients and 30 percent higher ORAC value, this product is more effective than ever!

“How we live—diet, exercise, stress and exposure to toxins—has become a tremendous influence on the overall health and length of our telomeres,” shares John. The health of your DNA’s chromosomes could mean the difference between living a longer life versus living a long life full of youthful health and vibrancy.

IsaLean Pro Now Available in Natural Chocolate

Ideal for athletes, growing teens and older adults who need to stimulate muscle growth, IsaLean® Pro’s delicious new chocolate flavor is another way to fuel your daily workout.

Our new Myo-IsaLean Complex™, a propriety protein blend, contains a mega dose serving (36 grams!) of undenatured New Zealand protein for specialized nutrition that maximizes muscle synthesis pre- or post-workout! 

This ultra-high protein, 240-calorie meal replacement shake helps bust through stubborn weight loss plateaus, build lean muscle mass and boost your fat burning potential. The balanced blend of quality protein, good fats, low-glycemic carbs and vitamins and minerals ensures there’s powerful nutrition in every sip.

For an extra level of convenience, the tasty new Natural Chocolate is individually wrapped into premeasured packets so active individuals, like yourself, can mix it up while on the go. Just like Vanilla IsaLean Pro.

5 Ingredients that Make IsaLean Shake Superior

Have you ever walked into a health food store and wondered just what makes your favorite IsaLean® Shake far superior to those other generic, over-the-counter shake brands? We’ve done the leg work for you to demonstrate the high-quality that comes in each and every IsaLean Shake.

Here are five ways your IsaLean Shake outweighs those other brands:

Why Isagenix Chooses New Zealand Dairy

Because of its sparse population, New Zealand is one of the few places in the world to maintain a rich natural beauty in a temperate climate with abundant rainfall. Its pristine environment and warmth is a seeming paradise with richly diverse fauna, clean lakes and rivers, and beautiful beaches.

The country is home to more than four million dairy cows. This is about the same amount as there are people on the island, many of whom depend on the dairy industry for their livelihoods.

One plant is a relatively small operation with a focus on sustainability by sourcing only from small family farms with free-grazing cows that are never given artificial hormones (rBST free). The cows themselves enjoy a quality life on the pasture, are well rested after each milking, and are milked according to season as nature intended for them.

It is this plant that provides Isagenix with dairy protein produced exclusively for IsaLean products (shake, soups and bars) and IsaPro whey protein.

New IsaDelight Promotion Offers One Sweet Deal

Whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate, a new IsaDelight Plus™ promotion is making it easier for you to try both thanks to this sweet, limited-time offer.

Available until September 30, the next time you purchase a 30-count box of IsaDelight Plus Dark Chocolate on Autoship you will receive a FREE two-piece sample of our creamy IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate squares to try or share with friends. Plus, you’ll also receive an exclusive coupon code to purchase up to 12 boxes of Milk or Dark Chocolate for just $34.95 and 26 BV.

Milk Chocolate lovers rest assured. You‘ll receive the same coupon code when you purchase your favorite box of IsaDelight Plus during this same promotional period.

Overcome Your Personal Energy Crisis

Whant More Energy?Want More Energy?®  (Sold under the name Energenix in Canada) Helps You Regain Important Nutrients Lost During Stress or Exercise.

When your energy reserves are down and your body needs a boost to help keep you going. Want More Energy?® is natural fuel for your body, that helps you sustain your energy without caffeine or harmful stimulants.

Want More Energy? sustains your energy naturally and at only 7 grams of sugar, it contains 35 only calories per serving without any artificial sweeteners or colors.

Fight The Good Fight–Daily!

Bolster your age-defying defenses with the daily A.M./P.M. packets of Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™.

Fortify your age-defying defenses with powerful nutrients that help protect telomeres and promote higher antioxidant enzyme defenses. With the convenient, individually wrapped A.M./P.M. multivitamin packets of Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™, you’re fighting the good fight for healthy longevity.

Fight Premature Aging!

Isagenix® Honored as Seven-Time Finalist in 2012 American Business Awards

For the second year in a row, Isagenix® has been nominated in several categories for the American Business Awards, considered the “Oscars” of the business world.

This year, Isagenix eclipsed its previous three-award nomination in 2011 with a whopping seven nominations for the 2012 awards.

The organization recognized Isagenix as finalists in the following categories: