Can’t Make the Scale Budge? 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

Amazing transformational changes to our health and our body composition are seen with the Isagenix nutritional cleansing and fat burning systems,  but every now and then we get “stuck.” Sometimes the weight seems to be coming off too slowly, or compared to other people’s results it doesn’t feel “up to par.”

4 Ways Autoship Helps You Save on Isagenix

Isagenix-coupon-save-on-isagenixYou may not realize it, but Autoship is your key to saving big with Isagenix®! When you joined Isagenix on Autoship, you made one money-savvy choice that will pay off big time.

Not only does this free service help you stay on track to achieving your long-term, healthy lifestyle goals, but you can also save BIG by sticking with it.

So what exactly are the money-saving perks of Autoship? Take a peek and start saving (and maybe even earning!) today:

1) Exclusive, Lowest Pricing at Your Fingertips. Yep, only you, an Autoship member, get rock bottom pricing that’s below wholesale! Consider this your “big box store” option; you’re getting the highest quality of nutritional products with a 10 percent savings on systems and paks thanks to Autoship Rewards pricing.

Three Ways to Eliminate Toxins

liminate toxins three ways!

Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life® combats the effects of everyday toxins you eat, drink and breathe that affect your body’s natural processes over time.

Available in 32-ounce liquid bottles, convenient 2-ounce grab-and-gobottles and a travel-friendly powder, this detoxifier’s benefits far outweigh anything found on store shelves.

With no artificial flavoring and a new, advanced extraction technique that pulls out the active phytochemical properties (more of the good stuff) from each ingredient, Cleanse for Life’s new formula features improved bioavailability to replenish your body with what it needs for natural energy.

Why Do People Rave About Ionix Supreme?

It’s not uncommon for newcomers to Isagenix® to wonder “what is Ionix® Supreme and why do I need it?” Afterall, if you’ve maintained a typical Western diet up until this point, you likely haven’t heard of the power of Adaptogens and herbs or even know how they could help energize your day and stave off stress.

So, why are other Isagenix Associates raving about Ionix Supreme? Take a peek at just a few of the reviews that have poured in about this nutrient- and mineral-rich elixir:

 ”Even though my mind misses caffeine, I don’t need the pick-me-up mid-afternoon or have the craving for it because I’m able to fool myself by enjoying warm Ionix Supreme as tea. I love Isagenix!”   -Jen. S.

“My grandma and I call Ionix Supreme our ‘joy juice.’ I never have that afternoon crash.”  -Carly C.

5 Smart Snacking Rules

We all know by now that healthy snacks play an important role in losing weight and keeping it off. Snacking at key times during the day can keep energy levels going and curb those hunger pangs that lead to overeating. But remember, snacking is only healthy if you don’t overdo it and play it smart.

Here are five smart snacking rules to follow to stay healthy and most importantly, satisfied:

#1. Keep your snacks under 200 calories  Even small snacks can add up to a lot of extra calories if you’re not careful.

#2. Schedule snacking into your daily “to-do’s”  The rule of thumb is anytime you go more than four hours between meals, you should have a healthy snack. With that in mind, planning what kind of snacks to have and when to eat them will keep you on track and prevent you from raiding the refrigerator or vending machine.

Autoship Membership Fee to Increase Starting March 1

Isagenix® is committed to including improved infrastructure and technology to each of our Associates. And, as you noticed, we keep pushing the envelope and offering only the best of the best for our websites and technology which support your businesses.

Why Health Professionals Should Choose Isagenix

Trainer: Nick Messina, M.D.

Are you a health professional interested in how Isagenix can improve your practice? Listen in as Dr. Nick Messina shares his experience using the products and why he recommends Isagenix® to other medical doctors.

More Calcium Linked to Lower Percent Body Fat in Young Adults

Getting enough calcium in the diet is associated with lower percent body fat in young adults, according to researchers from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Their study evaluated dietary calcium in 76 men and 121 women aged 18 to 28 years—all university students—across all weight categories using food-frequency questionnaires, dietary recalls, and blood draws to measure and confirm intakes.

The authors reported that an intake of approximately 1500 milligrams per day “could aid in the management of whole body fat and truncal fat [belly fat]” irrespective of gender in young adults. In addition, the association between higher dietary calcium intake and lower percent body fat was maintained even after controlling for physical activity.

IsaDelight Plus™ Milk Chocolate Now Included In New Enrollee Introductory Offer

New enrollee introductory offer now includes IsaDelight Plus™ Milk Chocolate!

Now, when you enroll as an new Associate on Autoship and order a 30-Day Cleaning and Fat Burning System, Total Health & Longevity System™ with Product B™ or the Pillars of Health Maintenance System™ with Product B™, you will receive a 16-count box of IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate instead of Dark Chocolate for just $3 more (a $23 value).

Please note that the U.S. will immediately begin receiving the 16-count box with Milk Chocolate instead of Dark Chocolate and Canada will soon follow, upon run out, in about three weeks.

Featuring the same great mood-boosting benefits and fat-burning potential as Dark Chocolate, IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate is sourced from 100-percent organic, single-bean chocolate with a hint of organic milk from grass-fed cows. Plus, it makes Cleanse Days  “Easy ‘n Fun!”