How To Lose Weight Without Slowing Your Metabolism

You know how it is with regular dieting—your long-lost skinny jeans make a temporary reappearance only to be retired to the back of your closet six months later. This frustrating scenario of weight cycling is all too familiar for most people.

Although decreased motivation and will-power greatly contribute to “falling off the wagon”, weight regain is also influenced by biological changes in the body in response to decreased intake of energy or calories. The main biological reason for weight regain is a slowing metabolism. A reduction in calorie intake can make the body become very efficient and work to conserve energy. Unfortunately, this means you are burning fewer calories. Loss of lean tissue (such as muscle) rather than fat mass during weight loss is also to blame for a lower metabolic rate (more on this below).

In a world where yo-yo dieting has become the norm, how does one keep lost pounds off for good?

What Sets Isagenix Cleanse Days Apart from Other Cleanse Regimens?

When most people think of a “cleanse,” they envision uncontrollable trips to the bathroom, gag-provoking concoctions, and absurd food restrictions. Fortunately, with Isagenix Cleanse Days, you can get all the health benefits of nutritional cleansing without experiencing those horrific—and sometimes dangerous—situations.

What makes Isagenix Cleanse Days different? The combination of decreased calorie intake with the herbs, vitamins, and minerals found in tasty Cleanse for Life supports the body nutritionally while giving the digestive system a chance to rest and the body a chance to detoxify. Unlike other “cleanses,” Isagenix Cleanse Days do not involve restricting yourself to drinking plain juices, or worse, taking laxatives, which can often do more harm than good.

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Taste the Tropics With Delicious New Want More Energy?

Dreaming of sitting in a chaise lounge on a beach somewhere sipping a fruity concoction?

Even if you can’t hop on an airplane and the weather outside makes you want to grab your coat, you can still drift off to dreamland with our delicious new Want More Energy® flavor: Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus.

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Meals with Higher Percent Protein Can Help Control Overeating

Worried about overeating high-calorie goodies during the upcoming holidays and piling on the pounds? Eating foods with a higher percent of calories from protein may be all it takes to help control appetite and manage weight, a new study suggests.

Researchers from the University of Sydney in Australia, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, and Massey University in New Zealand found that lean adult men and women fed foods containing 15 or 25 percent calories from protein over a four-day period ate 12 percent fewer calories overall than subjects fed foods containing 10 percent calories from protein.

The study, published in PLoS One in October, also found that the subjects fed the lower protein (10 percent) diet reported they were hungrier after breakfast in comparison to those fed a higher (25 percent) protein diet.

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Seven Ways to Slow Telomere Shortening

The future of antiaging is nigh with minds like Bill Andrews, Ph.D., and Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator John Anderson on the scene of telomere biology research.

Telomeres are non-coding sequences of repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes that are linked to human lifespan — and Dr. Andrews and Anderson are seeking out natural compounds that will turn on expression of telomerase, an enzyme that restores the length of telomeres.

Keeping telomeres long by reversing age-related shortening can potentially slow the onset of poor health and increase human lifespan.

However, as we await the latest developments in antiaging strategies such as inducing telomerase activity, there are a few lifestyle changes we can make to slow down telomere shortening as much as possible.

Healthy “Fast Food” to Take on Vacation

Tempted to make a quick stop at a local drive-thru restaurant to save time on your vacation? A little bit of preparedness and Isagenix® could go a long way for your wallet and your waistline!

Pack up the cooler and your IsaBlender®: Isagenix is road-trip ready. Here are the perfect Isagenix foods to take with you whether you’re just going on a long drive or a cross-country flight: