Top 25 Questions About Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing

Q. I take a prescription medication. Do I need to check with my doctor before starting Isagenix? After all, it’s just food and supplements!

A. Anyone taking medication and/or under the care of a medical doctor for any medical condition should check with his/her doctor before starting Isagenix or any other nutritional program. Just bring the ingredients of all the products you plan to take to your doctor. Tell the doctor you are about to start a low-calorie healthy eating program and that it involves periodic fasting and incorporates some nutritional supplements. Ask him or her to make sure all the ingredients are okay for your health situation. And then state that you would like him or her to monitor your results. The reason this is important is that sometimes medications need to be adjusted as a result of your increasing health, and only your doctor can do that. (To learn more about the most frequently asked questions from health professionals, listen to this podcast.)

Frequently Asked Questions - Becoming an Isagenix® Associate (FAQ)

1.  If I become an Associate, do I have to sell the products?

The answer is no, absolutely not.  When you become an Associate, you pay an annual membership fee.  This membership fee entitles you to purchase your products wholesale for a year.  You will also receive the Associate Support System, which includes your personalized Associate Website and access to your Associate Back Office.

2.  What is the difference between an Associate and a Preferred Customer?