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5 Ways to Save Big on Isagenix

Who doesn’t like to save big on the products they already use? At Isagenix®, there are plenty of ways to score a great deal—you just have to follow a few easy steps.

Here are five ways you can save on your next order:

Multivitamins May Support Memory in Older Women

We all forget things from time to time, but as we get older, the continued occurrence of misplacing keys or forgetting that phone number you’ve dialed countless times becomes more and more unwelcome, and even scary. But is there anything that can be done to equip our memory to withstand the perils of age?

According to a new randomized controlled study from Australia, taking a combined multivitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement — with similar ingredients found in Ageless Essentials Daily Pack with Product B — may help maintain memory in older women.

4 Keys to Creating a Healthy Isagenix Lifestyle

Today, living healthy seems more difficult than ever. Most of us are struggling with nutritional deficiency issues, metabolic syndrome issues and toxin issues from the environment. Fortunately, no matter where you are on your healthy-living journey, Isagenix has an affordable solution for you.

Our systems provide a solution based on not only the lifestyle, but based on strong science that addresses healthy aging, metabolic boost, sarcopenia and much more.

Are you ready to discover the four keys to creating a healthy Isagenix lifestyle?

Here’s a closer look at the four categories and what they can offer you:

Ultimate Weight Management and Youthful Aging
Five-hundred million adults ages 20 and older are obese. What’s worse; toxins, obesity, poor nutrition and stress are the four key mechanisms of accelerated aging.

Product B Has Arrived in Canada

It’s here!

As of Wednesday, October 12, Product B™ (120-count bottle) is now available for sale and resale in Canada. You no longer need to call us to order AND that extra shipping cost has disappeared since you no longer have to ship Product B from the U.S.!

Another reason to say “hooray?” There’s no limit to the number of bottles you can purchase!

And, how about paying the low price of just $69 per bottle for this scientific breakthrough?

Check out how you can save by placing your order the best way:

1.  Purchase a 3-bottle case of Product B. ($24 savings!)

2. Purchase as part of any of the following:

Easy to Save Your IsaMail (& Get a Coupon!)

By now, your personal e-mail inbox is likely breathing a sigh of relief.

Your new IsaMail personal message center, located conveniently in your Back Office, is not only easy for you to access, but it also compiles all of your messages from Isagenix® in one place. No more digging, searching or accidentally discarding messages you wanted to keep!

Plus, we’ve just added one new feature to your IsaMail messages that you’ll notice immediately. At the bottom of each e-mail you’ll have the option to download a PDF of the message in case you’d like to print it or save it for the future.

And, don’t forget, every week we’re adding new information and rewarding coupons. You could be one of the lucky, randomly-chosen Associates who receives a special, $10-off shipping coupon! This special shipping coupon could even be waiting for you right now.

Isagenix Moving Up in Direct Selling News Rankings

Isagenix® is now ranked in the top 50 for the entire direct selling industry.

According to a recent award from Direct Selling Awards, Isagenix is now #46 for the top direct selling companies in the entire world for 2010, up four spots from #50 in 2009. These rankings take into account  annual growth, employee base, Associates and more.

We’re proud of this recognition and know we’ll be ranking even higher in 2011!

Take a look at the full report from the Direct Selling Association.

FiberSnacks! The Sweet Snacking Solution

There is nothing worse than distracting hunger pangs. At home, you stare at a packed pantry and grab what’s convenient. At work, you head for the nearest vending machine only to select a sugary substitute.

But, what if you could enjoy the perfect combination of chocolaty-peanut goodness that’s nutritious and leaves you feeling full? Get ready for FiberSnacks!™.

Layered with a crispy, peanut layer and drizzled with rich dark chocolate, the 150-calorie gluten-free Peanut Chocolate Chew FiberSnacks! tastes just like a peanut butter cup and can be incorporated into Shake Days with any Isagenix® health-and-wellness system.

Why Should You Choose Autoship?

The benefits of AutoshipFlexible. Easy. Convenient.

Autoship can make maintaining your Whole-Body Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing and Youthful Aging lifestyle a cinch with a click of the mouse.

You know you want your 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System next month or maybe you’re planning to try the Total Health & Longevity System™. Either way, by scheduling your Autoship, you’ll bank your monthly BV to stay “active” (you know, so you don’t miss that nice commissions debit card that comes in the mail?) while also never missing out on your product.



And, if the convenience of Autoship isn’t enough, how about saving money? Or, earning enough to help cover your products?

Here are six perks of being on (and staying on!) Autoship:

Your Recipe For a Sweet N Speedy Recovery

Isagenix workoutYou worked your muscles hard and you know it’s time to refuel with electrolytes and protein, but what do you reach for?

Skip the syrupy, artificial sports drink or the can packed with empty calories and stimulants! We’ve got your healthy Isagenix® recipe that will give you the necessary vitamins and electrolytes to enhance hydration while replacing the nutrients you lost during stress and exercise. Plus, it’s packed with 18 grams of protein to help supercharge your lean muscle mass.