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Lose 100 Pounds With Isagenix?

Lose 100 pounds or more with Isagenix®? We can’t wait to recognize you!

We want to make sure that all Associates who have lost 100 pounds or more receive a FREE ticket to 2011 “Ignite Your Future” Celebration so they can be recognized on stage at the event.

If you or one of your team members has lost 100 pounds or more and would like to reserve a free ticket, please contact with the following info:

2011 IsaBody Challenge Winners Announced

Isa Body WinnersWe have our winners!

The 2011 IsaBody Challenge has wrapped up and our 1st- through 3rd- place winners were recently notified by the Isagenix Corporate Team. First-place winners will receive airfare for two, hotel accomodations and tickets to 2011 “Ignite Your Future” Celebration and the Founders’ Gala along with $5,000 cash!

Plus, these first-place winners are still in the running for the ultimate, $120,000 grand prize, which will be announced on stage at 2011 Celebration!

Check out the 1st place winners still in the running for the grand prize (in no particular order):

Anthony S., Pennsylvania  — 1st Place Winner, Men 18-35 Category

Your Questions About Product B™ Answered

Product BWhat is a telomere? How does oxidative stress impact aging? Just why do you need Product B Antioxidants plus Telomere Support to look and feel your best?

You’ve got questions and we have answers!

For those who have already had the exciting opportunity to purchase Product B because you’re on Autoship and have purchased a ticket to 2011 “Ignite Your Future” Celebration, you know how it makes you feel. Now it’s time to get out your cheat sheet and learn a little bit more on the “why” it makes you feel so good.

Mix Up This Creamy Strawberry Shake

Isalean Strawberry ShakeMake your morning IsaLean® Shake a sassy classy one.

With fresh strawberries, cold-pressed, 30-fruit IsaFruits® and Natural Creamy Vanilla IsaLean Shake combined in an IsaBlender® with just a little water and ice, you have the makings of a sweet and tasty meal in a glass.

Our new Sassy Classy Strawberry Shake recipe is just the right combination of strawberry goodness to give you healthy sweetness without the syrup or other artificial additives and fat you might get in a drive-thru shake. Give it a try after your morning run or share it with the kids (all of the products are approved for ages 3 and up!).

Check out the Sassy Classy Strawberry Shake here.

Must-Have Weight Loss Tips for an Incredible Summer Body

Summer weight loss tipsApril showers bring May flowers, but June temperatures mean one thing: swimsuit season! Whether your favorite spot is at the beach, at the lake or just hanging around the pool, those few extra pounds you put on over the winter can make you feel self-conscious and may even make you think twice before heading out for some summer fun.

But don’t fret! In just the course of a few weeks, you can shed off extra pounds and feel confident in your body like you never have before. Here are a few simple tips for helping you drop inches in a hurry.

Eat More “Naked” Food

Healthy “Fast Food” to Take on Vacation

Tempted to make a quick stop at a local drive-thru restaurant to save time on your vacation? A little bit of preparedness and Isagenix® could go a long way for your wallet and your waistline!

Pack up the cooler and your IsaBlender®: Isagenix is road-trip ready. Here are the perfect Isagenix foods to take with you whether you’re just going on a long drive or a cross-country flight:

Your Nutritional Cleansing Questions Answered

You may have heard the phrase before, but maybe you never really stopped to understand its meaning or get down to how it works.

Nutritional Cleansing.

What is it? How can it help you? Is it for real?

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about Nutritional Cleansing, and the answers may just surprise you.

What exactly is Nutritional Cleansing?

In essence, Nutritional Cleansing involves nourishing the body with nutrients that assist in clearing out unwanted substances from your body.

Nutritional Cleansing is not the same as colon cleansing, which is based on using fiber or laxatives to shed gunk and foreign substances from your colon. Instead, Nutritional Cleansing involves using nutrition to help your body perform at its best by ridding it of harmful substances, naturally.

Get Cleansed For Summer

It’s official: Summer is here and it’s just about time to break out the shorts and other warm-weather necessities.

And, just in time, the new Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life® powder is here to save your waistline (and your energy!). The new powder is easy to take with you on vacation, to the office or wherever you want to enjoy your Cleanse Day and features two new ingredients for even better results!

Oh, and did we mention the out-of-this-world new flavor? Here’s what our taste-testers said about the new Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life powder at our Isagenix® University event in May:

“Love the great new taste! This taste will help new customers succeed with the cleanse.”

-Kathy M. Alberta, Canada

Bite in to a Refreshing Rollup For Lunch


Isagenix with Lunch

Sick of the same boring ol’ sandwich? Switch it up and try a tasty, high-protein alternative instead!

Our Carrot Apple Crunch Roll-Up recipe features a refreshing mix of sliced carrots, red apple and arugla leaves with our nutty, protein-rich hemp seed product IsaCrunch®.

IsaCrunch is a healthy snack or addition to any recipe and contains more protein per gram than even cow’s milk, eggs, chicken, hamburger meat and cheese. No other botanical source provides such a complete protein that is so easily digested.

Last Chance to Save $100 on Celebration Tickets

Miss out on early-bird Celebration ticket pricing?

You’re in luck! We’ve decided to extend early-bird pricing only until July 17! That means you have a few more weeks to save $100 on your Celebration ticket. As of July 18, tickets will go up to $299 per ticket.

Our 2011 “Ignite Your Future” Celebration is slated to be the biggest one of our 9-year history with exciting product announcements including how we are pushing the boundaries of scientific health innovations! You’ll also have the chance to learn more about how to create an explosive business from our expert leaders who have created six- and seven-figure incomes with Isagenix®.

An extra perk? If you’re a new enrollee, you get the special price of just $159 per ticket within your first 59 days of joining!